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Artists´ Voices: Geopolitics and Artistic Discourses in/about North Africa, the Near East and the Islamic World

12/11/2008 – 11/12/2008

Artists'  Voices: Geopolitics and Artistic Discourses in/about North Africa, the Near East and the Islamic World.
Coordinated by Juan Vicente Aliaga

The main purpose of this series of lectures is to gain a closer knowledge of the artistic and cultural production of a vast area of the planet, which has been a focus of media attention in recent years, often for rather questionable reasons that have served to promote prejudice, distortion and reductionism.
The practice of a selection of artists, that does not claim to be exhaustive, serves to analyse the complexity of situations, representations and politics at play in a part of the world which tends to be associated exclusively (however partially) to armed conflicts, antidemocratic regimes and fundamentalist groups.
One of the aims of this series is showing the varied practices that have sprung up in countries that share Arabic as a common language (in its different variations), a linguistic reality to which English superimposes itself as lingua franca or vehicle for  Anglo-Saxon Imperialism, depending on one’s point of view, but where other languages, ideologies and  customs, coexist—much as the Islamic religion prevails in its different uses and registers.
Through the reflections of artists from different countries, realities and fictions as varied as those from Lebanon, Palestine, Algeria or Morocco can be glanced, filtered by the experience of living in other places such as France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Spain. Through this exercise, it is hoped that a better understanding of the crossroads between different territories, communities, cultures, politics and economies will be achieved, through the dissected and critical mobility that artistic practices provide.


October 22  Tony Chakar lecture
October 23 Akram Zaatari  lecture
November 12 Zineb Sedira lecture 
November 13 Ursula Biemann lecture
December 11 Ahlam Shibli lecture 

Information and registration

Language of the seminar: English and Spanish. Simultaneous translation into Spanish
Capacity: 140 people
Free entry

To obtain the certificate is necessary to:

- Attend all three sessions of the seminar
- Fill in the registration form
- Make a bank transfer to CAJAMURCIA  Bank, account number 2043 0090 32 0200550928, specifying the concept of the course/seminar, and SEND a  copy of the payment receipt to the address below or pay directly at CENDEAC.

Fee: 30 € Professionals.15€  with proof of student, unemployed or pensioner status. Free showing the card "Amigo del Cendeac"

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