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El cuerpo es el sueño de la razón

El cuerpo es el sueño de la razón y la inspiración una serpiente enfurecida. Marcel·lí Antúnez: cara y contracara
  • Collection: Ad Hoc
  • Author: Pere Salabert Solé
  • Year: 2009
  • Format: 15 × 23 × 4 cm; 704 p.
  • Binding: TAPA BLANDA
  • ISBN: 978-84-96898-39-4
  • Price: 34 € (TAX incl.)

El cuerpo es el sueño de la razón consists of three different yet interconnected paths. One, along which the reflection advances and the content of the book flows, affirming itself at the crossroads where philosophical aesthetics meets a brand of art criticism that analyses without judgment. Secondly, when one artist, Marcel-lí Antúnez, imposes himself over a multiplicity of artists whose work is endorsed by convention and taste, with a productive obstinacy which resolves the diverse in the universal: cross-contamination or fusion, hybridisation or citationism, transversality. The third, of all the various strands that come together in aesthetics¿namely, phenomenology, semiotics and psychoanalysis¿it is the last-named that dominates by dint of its focus on the creative mind in a hard-to-define appendage: an anchorage between inside and outside, and a boundary between sleep and wakefulness.