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Los signos errantes

Los signos errantes. Estrategias de la publicidad gráfica española 1950-2000
  • Collection: Ad Hoc
  • Author: Sonia Madrid Cánovas
  • Year: 2007
  • Format: 15 × 21,2 × 1,8 cm; 306 p.
  • Binding: TAPA BLANDA
  • ISBN: 978-84-96898-02-8
  • Price: 21 € (TAX incl.)

Advertising, as a hyper-codified social discourse, voluntarily presents itself to us as an ungraspable, disorganized and chaotic whole geared towards the infinite consumption of messages and products. Nevertheless, as this book argues, the advertising discourse has made use of very specific strategies throughout its history. As such, its codified excess would be the manifold expression of a narrative that dynamises the semantics proper to each era. Los signos errantes offers us a chance to explore and work with a documentary corpus of over three thousand advertisements in the DVD included with the book.

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