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Un contexto heredado

Un contexto heredado. Friedrich Nietzsche y el arte del siglo XX
  • Collection: Infraleves
  • Author: Javier Fuentes Feo
  • Year: 2007
  • Format: 10,9 × 15,3 × 0,6 cm; 89 p.
  • Binding: ENCOLADO
  • ISBN: 978-84-935369-4-7
  • Price: 6 € (TAX incl.)

It is literally impossible to address any aspect of the twentieth century without passing it through the optic of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. From this basic premise, Javier Fuentes Feo reminds us that, beyond music or theatre, this timeless philosopher can not be overlooked when analysing modern and contemporary art. That said, in this brief essay the author does not propose a reflection on art as something isolated and marginal, but as integrated and embedded in the very heart of the production of life, something that allows him to weave together the Nietzschean concepts of genealogy, art, superman and will to power as inseparable issues.