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Didáctica de la liberación

Didáctica de la liberación. Arte conceptualista latinoamericano
  • Collection: Ad Hoc
  • Author: Luis Camnitzer
  • Year: 2009
  • Format: 15,1 × 23 × 1,9 cm; 429 p.
  • Binding: TAPA BLANDA
  • ISBN: 978-84-96898-41-7
  • Price: 25 € (TAX incl.)

Conceptualism in Latin America in the sixties and seventies played a different role to its counterparts in Europe and America, which prioritised the institutionalisation and commercialisation of the art object. On the other hand, in Latin American culture conceptualism was addressed not as a style but as a strategy. It is, in fact, rooted in the early nineteenth century in the works of Simón Rodríguez¿tutor and mentor of Simón Bolívar¿and continues growing until reaching the point where art intersects with politics¿for instance, with the Tucumán Arde group from Argentina¿and where politics intersects with art¿as in the Tupamaro movement in Uruguay. Camnitzer shows how, from 1970 onwards, conceptualist manifestations are integrated into more conventional art forms and examines some of the consequences of art¿s transition from a political instrument to what is known as political art.