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The library of CENDEAC is a specialized library integrated into the Network of Public Libraries in the Region of Murcia. The library materials consists of more than 30,000 documents divided into different sections and a subscription to over 40 magazines and serials. The growing materials and cataloging process is not complete although there are more than 10,000 registered that are already part of our catalog with electronic access. Library staff is still working to complete our catalog and allow online access to all our volumes. Part of them have already been cataloged and can be accessed using the link below:


Monday to Thursday from 9h to 20h. Friday from 9am to 14pm.

Library Services: the Library has 20 study seats, computers for Internet access and audiovisual material for viewing.

Loans for users
Service allowing cardholders of Murcia’s network of public libraries to borrow a maximum of three items from the holdings of the CENDEAC library for a period of 15 days.

Reading Guides

The CENDEAC library staff prepares reading guides related to each activity that takes place at the centre. These are available at the library during the months prior to each activity and can then be consulted by anyone interested at any later stage. They can also be accessed by clicking on the activity of interest.

Interlibrary Loan Service
This service permits the exchange of and access to documents from various libraries and documentation centres. It also allows libraries and information centres to make requests for documents and vice versa through documentacion@cendeac.net

Audiovisual consulting service
The CENDEAC library has over 500 audiovisual documents including all the films and documentaries in the Fisuras Fílmicas project, as well as a large part of the conferences, seminars and courses held at CENDEAC since November 2006, plus other kinds of materials covering: artists, sound art, etc.

The service allows users access to material at a consulting table with two wireless headphones so that two people can view each document at the same time. The library staff is currently working to ensure that in the near future all the audiovisual holdings will be properly catalogued and available in the e-catalogue. Until then, this material can be consulted directly at the CENDEAC library. For more information on this service please refer to library regulations.

Acquisition Request Service
This service allows users to request the purchase of library materials (books, magazines, videos, DVD, CD-ROM, etc.) if these materials are consistent with CENDEAC’s library collections. To request new acquisitions, contact documentacion@cendeac.net with the details of author, title, publisher, place and date of publication, and the purpose of the document (research, consultation ...). All petitions will be reviewed and, if deemed suitable, will then be purchased.